Experience Cutting Edge Game Play
Free to play straight from your browser, installation free. Comprehensive tutorials, beginner quest-line, and fluid controls. Active GMs and loads of unique promotions and events.
Immerse Yourself
Rich Roman-themed world with thousands of players. Constant warfare and domestic developments require strategy and foresight.
Take Full Command
Design intricate cities and micromanage your economy and military. Forge devastating armies, conquer your enemies, and extract tribute utilizing a unique sovereignty system.
News and Events

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Merry Christmas!

An atmosphere of merriment pervades the streets of Rome. Christmas trees adorned with ribbons ...

"Apollo" The Sun God Server Goes Live Tuesday!

Join us on Tuesday, 12/14, as we unveil our newest server dedicated to the God of the Sun, ...

"ALL SERVERS" Get Your Spike On: Spike King Contest

Spike your opponents, win, and take a screen shot (or post a battle replay)! The bigger the ...

Reality Squared Games (R2Games) is a quickly growing international web-game publisher that strives to provide free access to some of the newest and hottest browser games on the market. Founded in July of 2010, the company is working on not only building up a portfolio of fantastic games, but a thriving player community as well.

To learn more about Reality Squared Games and Caesary, check out the company’s website at www.r2games.com.

Caesary is a free to play browser based game (MMORTS or MMORG). It was rated as one of the best web games of 2010. It is an online multiplayer game, meaning that many players compete on a server at the same time. Caesary is an MMORPG because you level up your empire, heroes, and cities in a customizable fashion that you control. Caesary is free and requires no installation. Caesary is a strategy flash game, a free flash game. R2Games has excellent customer support. A big gaming community. Active GMs. Many quests. Interesting gameplay. And Caesary is free! If you like flash games you will love Caesary. It will always be free and require no download. Caesary! One of the top flash games! Top strategy games!

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